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Climate change, extreme wildfires, biodiversity loss, and forest degradation are some challenges the global economy faces, and forests play a decisive role in coping with these challenges.

But how do we deal with them? Innovation can make a difference. Innovation can contribute to creating sustainable growth and is a driver of change in forest-based solutions and products, renewable energy and textiles, fossil-free packaging, and green chemicals.

“Innovation is not just new products; it is a call to reconsider what we know. The circular bioeconomy means rethinking everything – from established to new products and services, business models, and how we live and work. That has a fundamental impact and potential for society and the economy to achieve a more sustainable and inclusive future,” says Diana Tuomasjukka, Head of the Bioeconomy Programme at the European Forest Institute (EFI).

A space for stakeholders to quickly find the latest research and development, innovation, and current trends is necessary. Such a space can be a source of knowledge to foster innovation, facilitate partnerships, and accelerate the transition to a bio-based economy.

What’s the EFI BioGateway platform?

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Forest bioeconomy map.

EFI has a rich track record of conducting research and providing policy support on forest issues. The BioGateway builds on that by providing a roadmap to the circular forest-based bioeconomy.

“It is a platform to raise awareness about forests' vital role in the economy, society, and nature. Facilitating access to information, we share data, resources related to the circular bioeconomy, and insights from leading experts," says Georgy Safonov, Principal Scientist at EFI.

One of the features is the forest bioeconomy map, a visual representation of the diverse array of values generated by forests and their interconnections with ecosystem services, communities, and forest-related markets.

“Both forests, with their ecosystem services, and wood products play a fundamental role. What this role is or can be will be explored – iteratively – in the BioGateway. As the bioeconomy evolves, knowledge and solutions also evolve – and we invite people to contribute to adding to the puzzle of the forest-based bioeconomy,” says Diana Tuomasjukka.

Who is this platform for?

Georgy Safonov, Principal Scientist at EFI, presenting the EFI Bio(economy) Gateway.

The public can explore the concept of circular forest bioeconomy, the benefits of forest ecosystems, the societal and local community values associated with forests, and the diverse products and services that forests provide.

In addition, researchers can use the platform to access scientific publications, reports, articles, analytical tools, and data sources.

Practitioners can benefit from the BioGateway by accessing analytical materials covering future insights, innovative technologies and products, consumer perceptions, business models, and strategies.

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The EFI BioGateway was made possible thanks to the support of the Foundation for European Forest Research (FEFR).