EFIMED welcomes Dr Bruno Fady as new visiting researcher

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EFIMED is delighted to announce the arrival of Dr Bruno Fady to collaborate with EFIMED scientists on the genetic diversity of Mediterranean forest trees. Dr Bruno Fady, a forest tree geneticist from INRAE (France), will stay eight months in Barcelona with the aim of collating scientific and capacity information on the conservation of forest genetic resources in Mediterranean Africa, Asia and Europe.

Why is this an important endeavour? Mediterranean forests are rich in biodiversity and genetic resources that deserve protection. Yet, they are often poorly described, making their sustainable management complicated or difficult. As forest tree species do not know political borders and span geographic ranges that can stretch across continents,  collaboration is needed at the scale of the Mediterranean basin.

We call countries of the Mediterranean to collaborate on the creation of the first checklist of Mediterranean forest and agro-forest tree species, their importance, their use and threat statuses, and how their within and among population diversity is managed.

Please contact us at efimed(at)efi.int if you have expertise in forest tree botany and geographic distribution and are willing to contribute.