Name: European Forest Information Scenario model (EFISCEN)
Version: 4 (including subversions)
Description: EFISCEN is a large-scale forest model that projects forest resource development on regional to European scale based on aggregated national forest inventory data and scenarios.
Initial release date: 20.6.2016
Spatial scale: Subnational, national, continental (Europe)
Temporal scale: 5-year time steps
Input needed: Area, average growing stock and net annual increment per age class per forest type
Output generated: Basic forest variables (species, area, stemwood volume, increment, mortality, age-structure), as well as derived indicators of ecosystem services (wood and biomass production, carbon sequestration, biodiversity, recreation, wind and fire risk),
Interface language: English
Platforms supported: EFISCEN runs under any platform supporting Java. It is tested on Windows 7 and 10 and Ubuntu Linux.
Software needed: The minimum requirement to run EFISCEN is Java version 8 update 40
License: EFISCEN version 4 is available for everyone and is distributed according to the GNU General Public License conditions.
Model availability: Source code and model releases can be found at
Costs: Free
Contact: [email protected]