Model documentation

The EFISCEN model has been developed since the late 1980s. This page provides an overview of documentation and manuals that are available for the model. The list of publications provides an overview of all published EFISCEN applications.

The current version of the model is EFISCEN 4. A manual is available here

Reference to the manual: Verkerk, P.J., Schelhaas, M.J., Immonen, V., Hengeveld, G., Kiljunen, J., Lindner, M., Nabuurs, G.J., Suominen, T., Zudin, S. Manual for the European Forest Information Scenario model (EFISCEN 4). EFI Technical Report 99, 2016. European Forest Institute. 49 p. 

The following supporting documents are available for EFISCEN 4:

Description Download
Description of the modelling approach of the European Forest Information Scenario model (EFISCEN 4) Here
Manual for matrix initialisation using P_2009 Here
Description of matrix transitions in EFISCEN Here
Recommended parameter values Here
Input dataset for testing purposes Here

Documentation and manuals of previous versions of EFISCEN

Reference Model version Download
Schelhaas, M.-J., Eggers, J., Lindner, M., Nabuurs, G.J., Päivinen, R., Schuck, A., Verkerk, P.J., Werf, D.C. van der, Zudin, S., 2007.
Model documentation for the European Forest Information Scenario model (EFISCEN 3.1.3). Alterra report 1559 and EFI technical report 26.
Alterra and European Forest Institute, Wageningen and Joensuu, p. 118.
3.1.3 Here
Pussinen, A., Schelhaas, M.J., Verkaik, E., Heikkinen, E., Liski, J., Karjalainen, T., Päivinen, R., Nabuurs, G.J., 2001.
Manual for the European Forest Information Scenario Model (EFISCEN 2.0). Internal Report No. 5. European Forest Institute, Joensuu, Finland, p. 49.
2.0 Here
Nilsson, S., O. Sallnäs and P. Duinker. 1992. A report on the IIASA forest study: Future forest resources of Western and Eastern Europe, The Parthenon Publishing Group, UK - Here
Sallnäs, O., 1990. A matrix model of the Swedish forest. Studia Forestalia Suecica 183, 23 - Here