CO2FIX is a carbon bookkeeping model that simulates stocks and fluxes of carbon in (the trees of) a forest ecosystem, the soil, and wood products. It simulates these stocks and fluxes at the hectare scale with time steps of one year. The model is freely available.


The European Forest Institute Global Trade Model (EFI-GTM) is a regionalized partial equilibrium model of the global forest sector with a special emphasis on Europe. This multi-regional multi-agent forest sector model is cast into a single mathematical programming problem with the economic interpretation that each region maximizes its social welfare function, which is the sum of consumer and producer surpluses less the transportation costs resulting from trade with the other regions. The model maximizes this surplus restricted by resources, capacity and budget constraints, as well as by possible barriers of trade. A detailed description of the model is available here.


The European Forest Information Scenario model (EFISCEN) is a large-scale forest scenario model that assesses the availability of wood and projects forest resource development on regional to European scale. The model is mostly used to evaluate and compare different policy and forest management scenarios. The model and its source code are freely available.


The Tool for Sustainability Impact Assessment (ToSIA) is a decision-support software tool on issues related to the use of forest resources and the production and consumption of wood products. ToSIA analyses Forest Wood Chains as chains of production processes which are linked by products. Each process is characterized using indicators of environmental, social, and economic sustainability. The tool quantifies sustainability impacts of decision alternatives in policies, management or technology in a transparent way to offer an objective platform for communication and argumentation about sustainable development in the forest based sector. The tool is available to members of the ToSIA Management and User Group.


An overview of other existing models related to forestry, including growth models and ecophysiological aspects, is available from the FORMODELS database.